Membership at Taylor

At Taylor our mission is direct, we desire to be a “Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Generational Church that Multiplies Disciples.”  Our strategy is simple, we want our members to engage in three ways; “GATHER in weekly worship, GROW in a Sunday School group, and GO on mission and make disciples.”  

For most people, joining a church can be overwhelming and somewhat confusing in knowing how to get involved.  We want to encourage your involvement by providing answers to all your questions.  If you want to learn more about Taylor Memorial and membership, then Membership @ Taylor is the next step you need to take. This two session class meets on two consecutive Sundays at 9:30AM.  The class is required for church membership, but you are not required to join if you attend this class.  During Membership @ Taylor, you will get a chance to meet the pastors, learn about our church, and ask any questions you may have.  Here is what will happen in this class:

  Explanation of the following by our pastor:

o Church Covenant

o Explanation of the Gospel and an opportunity for one of the pastors to hear your testimony

o Explain Membership

o Provide our Beliefs

o Give General Church Information

o Explain our strategy

o Provide an Overview of all Ministries

  Provide you a list of Sunday School Groups 

  Provide specific information about our preschool, children’s, and student ministries

  Answer any questions you may have

Membership class is scheduled at various times throughout the year.  You may register for the next Membership event by clicking here.  One of our pastors will then contact you to visit with you more about membership.