Membership at Taylor

You can register for a membership meeting by clicking here.

At Taylor our mission is direct, we desire to be a “Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Generational Church that Multiplies Disciples.”  Our strategy is simple, we want our members to engage in three ways; “GATHER in weekly worship, GROW in a Sunday School group, and GO on mission and make disciples.”  

We know joining a church is important and something that should be considered through much prayer. We want to assist in this process by giving you some important information about us and answering some of your questions. To learn more about Taylor, come join us for Membership@Taylor. This is a meeting so that you can “Hear Our Story”, and get information on “Joining the Family”. You can register for a membership@taylor meeting by clicking here. Someone from our office will contact you upon receiving your registration.

 Here is a quick snippet of what you can expect to cover in Membership@Taylor: The church covenant, explanation of the gospel and a chance to share your testimony with a staff member, what we believe, our discipleship strategy, Sunday School groups to plug into, areas of service, information about our different ministries and more! We hope to see you soon in Membership@Taylor!