One-on-one: "Iron sharpening iron"

Discipling relations happen best in one-on-one relationships. One-on-one is a set time frame utilizing bible-based curriculum or topic that a Strive Mentor walks through with a Strive Mentee. A Strive Mentor is a person who has shown leadership depth and faithfulness in the church and is trained to lead in Strive Mentoring. A Strive Mentee is anyone willing to take the challenge and walk with another believer to grow deeper in their knowledge and following of Jesus. This takes place in set time frame, committing to one meeting per week.


Step 1.  Take this One-On-One Assessment or fill out a physical copy at the church office.

Step 2.  Connect with a TMBC staff member and ask who you could walk with for the six weeks.

Step 3. Connect your schedule and your Mentor's to meet on your own time for about an hour a week. We suggest a meal for at least the first meeting, but a coffee works too.