Our Vision


Some pressing needs:

We must love and reach our ever-changing community
Many are moving to our community because of an increase in job opportunities.  As a result, people are looking for life answers, as well as a place to meet new friends who can disciple and help them grow spiritually.

We must reach young families & college-­aged people
The median age in Hobbs is 32. Many of these young people are unchurched.

We must address spiritual strongholds in our city
More than 85% of people in Hobbs are unchurched. There is a breakdown of the family as is evidenced by the fact that the teen pregnancy rate is twice the national average, and divorce, substance abuse, and child abuse rates are higher than the national average.

We must make disciples of our members & the nations
With several hundred members, we must make sure our members are being discipled (growing in their faith) and are being encouraged to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus locally, regionally, and globally.

We must adapt our methodology to reach those outside our church
There is a need to think outside the box when it comes to reaching people outside of our church. We need to initiate some creative ways to maximize our facility while also bringing “church outside of the church building.”

OUR VISION is to be…

A church that is multiplying disciples
Making disciples who make disciples in Hobbs (locally), in New Mexico and the Western U.S. (regionally), and around the world (globally).

A church that is multi-generational
Being intentional about reaching all generations: the young, the median-age, and those more seasoned.

A church that is multi-­ethnic
Being intentional about building bridges in our community and being serious about having a church that reflects our community demographics.